Willow sculpted by Helen Connors

Baby Willow is just gorgeous.

Helen did an amazing job capturing all the newborn features you expect.

We are so fortunate that we were able to obtain the original one of a kind clay sculpt and be given rights by Helen to reproduce this gorgeous baby into silicone.

When finished and put together Willow is 18′ long.

Willow is a cloth body baby and will come with two arms, two legs, head, and anatomically correct girl belly plate.

Willow has full arms and legs which make dressing her and posing her so much fun.

Baby Willows blank unfinished kit is $800 plus shipping.

Willow can be poured in Eco 20 or Eco 30 in caucasian or biracial.

Willow is a small limited edition of 10 with 3 artist proofs and a bonus baby if the mold allows.

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