About D3 Creation

D3 Creation is a silicone molding and pouring venture currently focusing on creating life like replicas of baby sculptures. As part of the molding / pouring process we offer a resin cast of the original to ensure the Artist will have a durable, tool-able cast that will last a lifetime.

D3 Creation is a 3 person team.

Denise Osterhout functions in the position of main molder. She enjoys the challenges of the actual molding process. She has been molding and pouring in silicone since 2012. Denise is the face of D3 Creation being the contact point and handling all marketing and client interaction.

Dan Osterhout has attended molding and pouring classes at our local Smooth-On dealer, and handles all technical / problem solving / troubleshooting communication with them. Dan O creates the technical aspects of the molds AKA Ball Joints / mouths / Eye Sockets / etc and is also responsible for D3 Creations financial, legal and B2B accounts.

We also have a very experienced freelance artist by the name of Dan Jankowski ( the celebrated designer/illustrator of The Wand Makers Handbook, which spent 10 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list! ) Dan J is a illustrator/Designer who works with Scholastic Books as well as producing his own artistic creations in several different mediums and styles. Dan J’s vast artistic experience in drawing, painting, sculpting, molding, and casting into resin bring great knowledge and experience to our team. Dan J has an etsy store ( hopfrogger ) with some of his custom hand made sculptures as well as his custom created wand collection. He also sells on ebay under the member name hopfrogs. Dan Jankowski has been a professional artist for the past 32 years.