How Much?


We will start be saying that our pricing is generally a little higher than what other molders charge. This is because we offer things that others do not, you will get a resin master to replace your sculpt when the edition is done. Our silicone comes to you matted and ready to paint no matter what platinum silicone you would like the cast poured in. All pieces are single pours and are never joined together after the fact. We also tend to get the “tougher” / “harder” / “can’t be done” sculpts that the other molders can’t or won’t do, this means we do not have a generic price list … we approach each doll individually and build a contract and a quote to fit the needs of that Artist and their sculpture. An image (or drawing / picture you are working from / example) of how you intend to position the limbs of the doll is important to us.

Ball Joint

Ball jointing a head is one of our specialties. Every ball joint is custom made (turned on a lathe) for each doll.

Resin Master

Because of the resin master mentioned above, we will always be able to continue / complete and edition no matter the size … we have preset re-mold pricing and guarantee you get 10 casts out of a mold … if for any reason the mold does not last 10 we re-mold it for free.


There is always a BIG confusion when it comes to “color” with us. So let me take a few minutes to explain it so you understand. We can and will pour your silicone in ANY color you want! However whatever color you choose we ask that you stick with that color until it is gone and we need to mix more, which is as small as 2 gallons or as large as 10 gallons. Should you want to do another color BEFORE you have used up your color (for example you have a request for 1 bi-racial) than we would require you use one of the colors we already have mixed in the shop in the shore hardness it is mixed in, or we would possibly charge you a “coloring fee”. This type of single pour in a different color is usually NEVER charged a “coloring fee” because we have the basic colors (Caucasian & biracial) in the shop in most of the shore harnesses.