Learn to Paint Realistic Hair for Beginners


Linda Moore shows step by step how to Paint Realistic Hair. !!!

Teaching techniques that can be applied to all painting mediums.

Linda Moore’s Hair painting tutorial FOR BEGINNERS contains 50+ images illustrating each step of the process and detailed instruction to promote your success through time and practice in painting the most realistic hair possible.

Topics covered:

    • All the Things you need to Start
    • Playing with Color
    • Mixing your Paint and getting it right
    • Instructions for laying out guidelines
    • The First layer being the Undertone Layer
    • Filling in the tiny lines at the temple
    • Layer 2
      • Managing the Top of the head
    • Painting the Last Layer
      • Painting the Sides
      • Painting the Swirl
      • Painting the Top of the Head
      • Finishing touches

It is a 20 page PDF download 1.63 MB in size.

This download tutorial cannot be printed as it is password protected to prevent printing.

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