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13 Babies with 200 gram jar of Just Matte – Vanessa Trefethen

Just Matte Video for my silicone painting friends, artists, etc ?
I did this video this morning about my most recent experience using Just Matte and my opinion about just how wonderful the matting powder is with going so far with such a small amount!
•This jar of Just Matte is the largest size available at 200 grams (16 oz jar) for only $130.00!
D3 Creation Silicone/Resin Molding & Casting
I used this ONE jar to Matte 13 full body silicone babies beginning to end (2 of which were 26″ and over 20 lbs, and 1 24″ 20 lb baby as well)…
I ALSO used this same tub of matting powder for 3 repair touch-up matting as well, meaning that a little REALLY does go a LONG way!
Also, note… I could probably get many more dolls matted out of this jar as I know many who sift the powder back into the jar after any access is on the table; however, I choose not to do this because I worry about dust, tiny hairs or anything that may end up back in the jar but again that’s my preference.
I love Just Matte because it gives, in my opinion, the most incredible velvety soft matting I’ve found of any of the matting powders! I also feel it keeps the vivid colors of your painting the most lifelike without dulling the colors after matting!
I absolutely just stand by this matting powder so much and want to give kudos to Denise LaFleur Osterhout and her husband for putting out such a wonderful product and keeping it in such a wonderful price range!
To order Just Matte please see d3 creations website below!

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