13 Babies with 200 gram jar of Just Matte – Vanessa Trefethen

Just Matte Video for my silicone painting friends, artists, etc ?
I did this video this morning about my most recent experience using Just Matte and my opinion about just how wonderful the matting powder is with going so far with such a small amount!
•This jar of Just Matte is the largest size available at 200 grams (16 oz jar) for only $130.00!
D3 Creation Silicone/Resin Molding & Casting
I used this ONE jar to Matte 13 full body silicone babies beginning to end (2 of which were 26″ and over 20 lbs, and 1 24″ 20 lb baby as well)…
I ALSO used this same tub of matting powder for 3 repair touch-up matting as well, meaning that a little REALLY does go a LONG way!
Also, note… I could probably get many more dolls matted out of this jar as I know many who sift the powder back into the jar after any access is on the table; however, I choose not to do this because I worry about dust, tiny hairs or anything that may end up back in the jar but again that’s my preference.
I love Just Matte because it gives, in my opinion, the most incredible velvety soft matting I’ve found of any of the matting powders! I also feel it keeps the vivid colors of your painting the most lifelike without dulling the colors after matting!
I absolutely just stand by this matting powder so much and want to give kudos to Denise LaFleur Osterhout and her husband for putting out such a wonderful product and keeping it in such a wonderful price range!
To order Just Matte please see d3 creations website below!


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Just Matte Samples – Touch of Grace Silicones by MK

I want to give a big Shout out and huge heartfelt thank you @Denise LaFleur Osterhout of ~D3 Creation Silicone/Resin Molding & Casting~ for sending me some of my favorite silicone matting powder Just Matte
Thank you so much for my customer samplers, they are going to love them.
I highly recommend using this matting powder, not only because is it soooo easy to use but it adds the most silky beautiful finish to your silicone painting work.
The silky matte finish also makes it so much easier to dress and undress your silicone babies. It helps keep the dust off them and keeps them looking beautiful.

Just Matte Samples - Touch of Grace Silicones by MK

Just Matte 50 gram – Stacey Haskins Jolie #2

Jolie #2, Silky smooth…… #JustMatte get your Just Matte matting powder at D3CREATION.com D3 Creation Silicone/Resin Molding & Casting

Jolie #2, Silky smooth......? #JustMatte get your Just Matte matting powder at D3CREATION.com D3 Creation Silicone/Resin Molding & Casting

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Just Matte 200 gram – Sarahi’s Nursery Silicone and Reborn Art

Want a silky smooth silicone baby? Then get yourself some #justmatte silicone matting powder from d3creation.com D3 Creation Silicone/Resin Molding & Casting

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Just Matte Jar Sifter – Michelle Drabsch

OMG !! My Just Matt powder arrived today and was so worth the wait, this silicone baby I am working on wow !!!! .. skin feels like silk and so easy to use and goes a long way … amazing Denise Thanks so much

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